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Keeping Your Resin Driveway Clean

resin bonded driveway in South Wales

Like many other parts of your home or property, a resin bound driveway needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. We have outlined below the recommended ways of keeping your driveway clean and avoiding damage to the resin bound surface.

Hosing or Jet Washing

The easiest way to clean your drive is to hose or jet wash it. Because of the permeable nature of the drive, liquids are able to pass through. This prevent puddles from forming and also stops moss or algae from growing on your drive.

Both water pressure and water temperature should be moderate as if water is too hot or too cold, it can damage the resin.

Sweeping with a Broom or Brush

In addition to a frequent washing, we recommend sweeping your drive to remove any debris; particularly where there are leaves, grass or other organic materials. A stiff broom is perfect for removing debris, particularly where they are stuck to the resin surface. An unmaintained drive can begin to sprout weeds and moss, which in turn will cause further problems such as loosening of the resin.

Cleaning Frequency

If you don’t have time to clean your drive seasonally, then we recommend at least cleaning your drive annually. Regular cleanings will result in your resin bound drive lasting longer and maintaining its smooth finish.

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