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Keeping Your Resin Driveway Clean

Like many other parts of your home or property, a resin bound driveway needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. We have outlined below the recommended ways of keeping your driveway clean and avoiding damage to the resin bound surface. Hosing or Jet Washing The easiest way to clean your drive is to hose or […]

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Maintaining Your Bonded Resin Driveway During Winter

Snow on resin driveway

With the UK in the throws of the winter months, we are often asked the question about how best to look after your new bonded resin driveway during the cold snaps. Resin bound paving offers a major advantage in the winter weather. It reduces the risk of ice forming on the surface due to the […]

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Other Uses for Resin Stone

resin stone driveways

If your home or property does not have a driveway, you can still take advantage of resin stone surfaces in your garden and outdoor living space. The versatility of resin stone makes it appropriate for entire landscape areas, or just single features within a set area. A huge range of colour and texture options can […]

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What Are Resin Bonded Driveways?


Resin bonded stone driveways and landscapes¬†are constructed using a relatively new technique to fix together small stones with high-tech resin to form the surface. Many small gaps are created to allow drainage of water into the ground and offers the same durability and convenience of block paving. This technique is also environmentally friendly and can […]

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