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Our Top Tips for Keeping Your Resin Surface Clean & Maintained

Unlike other surfacing solutions, resin bound & bonded surfaces offer a variety of benefits – one of the most impressive is how it looks brand new year after year. So, how can you keep your resin bound or bonded surfacing clean and maintain its smooth finish after it has just been installed?

Low-maintenance surfaces still require some maintenance to maintain their premium appearance all year long. The more often you clean your surfacing, the less likely you are to run into potential issues in the future.


Sweeping is the most obvious. We recommend using a stiff-bristled broom or brush to sweep away debris and leaves to prevent them from rotting and staining your resin surface. You can bring back the original shine of your surface by sweeping back and forth while hosing the area down with a garden hose pipe. Puddles will not form on resin bound surfaces since water can pass through their porous nature.


In addition, jet-washing offers the most thorough cleaning. The same process can be followed to remove dirt from your surface by systematically sweeping the area back and forth. For best results, it’s best to sweep it first.

A moderate pressure and temperature are sufficient for a successful clean without an industrial power jet wash. We recommend using a patio/fan setting on most domestic pressure washers in order to avoid direct pressure.

Dealing with Algae or Moss

When algae or moss build-up occurs in areas that do not receive sunlight, jet-washing will quickly remove them with little elbow grease – mold/algae treatments can be used to treat both systems without damaging them. Ideally, you should cut back plants or shrubbery that are shading the area in order to prevent this altogether. However, we understand that this may not always be possible.

Oil or Fuel Spillages

You can remove an oil or fuel spill by applying soapy water to the affected area (the sooner, the better) before giving it a once-over with a jet wash. Since washing liquid de-greases and is non-hazardous, there’s no need to use expensive cleaning products!

Tyre Marks

Resin bound or bonded surfaces are also susceptible to tyre marks due to their nature of use, but this can be removed by wiping down the surface with some white spirits and then jet-washing it.

Damage Caused by Heavy Loads

Surfaces that are resin bound or bonded need to be protected against scarring and point loading from scaffolding and ladder feet. When heavy objects like skips are dragged, they can damage the surface, causing stone loss. When placing boards under a point load, make sure they’re evenly distributed (resin bound boards have a weight limit of about 7.5 tonnes).


The same way you would care for anything you have owned before, you should take care of it from the very beginning to ensure it continues to look good throughout the entire year. You’ll receive compliments for years to come if you follow the procedures outlined in this guide.