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Resin Bound Driveways & Landscaping

Resin bonded driveways and landscapes are a new alternative to concrete and tarmac finishes. They are porous, have no loose stones or chippings, and look attractive and are easy to lay. Our expert team of installers can design the driveway or garden of your dreams, on time and at a budget to suit.

If you are struggling to find a design that you are looking for for your new driveway, patios, and paths, our resin bound solutions offer a unique, made-to-order finish that you won’t find in any brochure. We can overlay your existing surface using our resin bound surface application, or completely construct your new driveway or garden area from scratch, inserting sub-base, base and finish surface.

Our expert team of installers will also carry out a site visit to make sure that your property is suitable for this type of surface.

What is a Resin Surface?

Resin stone surfaces are a new development made possible by recent advances in polymer and epoxy resin technology over the past 25 years. A decorative or coloured gravel is ‘glued’ to an existing solid surface by means of either a coloured or transparent resin, resulting in an extremely hard-wearing surface which is suitable for indoor, as well as external use.

What Are the Benefits for My Driveway or Garden Project?

Besides looking visually stunning, resin bound driveways and landscaping is durable, super hard wearing and will never fade or discolour. Weed resistance and natural drainage of water means that they are also low maintenance.

Resin surfaces have an anti-slip finish providing better traction for vehicles and pedestrians. There is also no need for messy excavations during installation, so are more eco friendly than other more traditional solutions.

How Much Does it Cost for Installation?

There are several factors involved in estimating the cost of installing resin driveways at a home or property, which include:

  • The size of the area that you want to cover;
  • The type of surface you currently have;
  • The type of aggregate you want to bind into the resin.

Each of these will result in different costs for materials, as well as the time taken to install the new driveway, therefore it is very difficult to estimate the costs without seeing your current driveway or landscape.

Need Help With a Resin Installation or Repair?

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