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Can I Jetwash a Resin Driveway?

In short, Yes, it is possible to jetwash a resin driveway. Power washing a resin driveway can help to maintain its appearance and cleanliness. However, it is important to use the appropriate method and power washer settings to minimize the risk of damage to the driveway.

Equipment Needed:

To power wash a resin driveway, you will need the following equipment:

  1. Power Washer: Use a power washer specifically designed for cleaning outdoor surfaces such as resin driveways.
  2. Detergent: Choose a mild detergent that is designed to clean resin surfaces. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as these can damage the resin.
  3. Extension Wands and Lances: These accessories will help you reach difficult areas and corners of the driveway.
  4. Protective Gear: Wear safety glasses, gloves, and a respirator to protect yourself from potential splashes and chemicals.
  5. Garden Hose: Connect the pressure washer to your garden hose to provide water for cleaning.
resin bound garden area


Before you begin power washing, it is important to prepare the driveway:

  1. Inspect the Driveway: Look for any cracks, chips, or loose stones that need to be repaired before power washing.
  2. Clear the Area: Remove any debris, leaves, or dirt from the surface.
  3. Sweep and Vacuum: Use a broom to sweep the driveway and a vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dirt or stones.
  4. Clean Gutters: Ensure that the gutters are clear of any debris that may wash back onto the driveway during power washing.


Jetwashing a resin driveway is a safe and effective method to clean and maintain its appearance. By following the proper technique and equipment, you can safely and effectively power wash your resin driveway. However, it is always a good idea to consult a professional power washing company that specialises in cleaning resin driveways to ensure the best results. Get in touch with us if you’re unsure, we’re happy to advise.

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