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Maintaining Your Bonded Resin Driveway During Winter

Snow on resin driveway

With the UK in the throws of the winter months, we are often asked the question about how best to look after your new bonded resin driveway during the cold snaps.

Resin bound paving offers a major advantage in the winter weather. It reduces the risk of ice forming on the surface due to the reduction of standing water. It is also safe to apply salt to the drive, to further prevent the formation of ice. However, we advise against using metal shovels or snow ploughs, as they may cause damage to the top surface. Always use a plastic snow shovel for this task.

The same general all-year maintenance of your resin drive applies in the winter months too, so don’t forget to follow these tips and advice to keep your surface in top condition:

  • Avoid turning your steering wheel while the vehicle is parked on your resin driveway.
  • Remove tyre marks and general stains using a little white spirit and power wash (up to 150bar rating) with normal household detergent.
  • If you need to place heavy objects on the resin surface (e.g. skips, plant, machinery), use wooden planks to spread the load.
  • Take care to avoid spillages of oil, grease, cement, plaster, petrol, and solvents, which can leave unsightly marks if not cleaned.
  • Sweep your paving regularly with a stiff broom and hose down with clean water at the same time.

By following our recommendations above, your drive will look and perform as good as new for years to come.

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